Investment Opportunity *

  • APV is seeking investors to secure build out of multiple locations
  • Target return on initial investment 12-18 months
  • Investors will receive "First Right of Refusal" for each additional investment of Adrenaline Park Ventures. Investment priority is based on entry date and concurrency into the APV Investment Fund.
  • Sample expected return for an investor with a 5 year holding period: €1 Million capital investment / estimated €3 Million return


Explosive Growth - Trampoline Park Industry

The first trampoline park opened in the United States in 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since that time the industry has seen explosive growth.

In the U.S. overall growth has started to slow as both ideal locations and major markets are reaching saturation. We expect some growth contraction within the U.S.

We are currently observing rapid expansion throughout Europe where we are in advanced stages of developing our pipeline.

Adrenaline Park Growth

The APV Advantage

Adrenaline Parks Worldwide - 2016
  • Comprised of the top-tier providers in Adrenaline Park site acquistion, design & layout, construction, and operation
  • Keen awareness of revenue maximization and cost and expense reduction methods
  • Leading our industry in setting operations and safety standards
  • Committed to a customer first approach focusing on customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • Harnessing the collective intelligence of the best-of-breed providers in the space

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